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Ross Brown, ACI



Named Ross one of the Best Home Inspectors in the Twin Cities.
Member of MSHI 
Minnesota Society of Housing Inspections
Member of MARR Minnesota Association of Realtors

Fully Insured with the State of Minneasota                                                                                                     


"16 Best Home Inspectors in Minneapolis" 
Awarded in '16, '17, '18, '19,' 20, '21, '22, & '23

"10 Best Home Inspectors in Minnesota"
Awarded in '18  - Yelp
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Name: Allison Eston
Date: 03/13/2019
Message: I had a home inspection and radon testing from Reliable Enterprises and I was very happy with the report and the time Ross spent. It was worth the money - which was not much when you see how much work he did. Thank you Ross

Name: Mildred and Fred Alston
Date: 01/11/2019
Message: Ross did a home inspection for us and we couldn't be happier we picked him. Very detailed, professional and very nice.

Name: Eric Johnson
Date: 03/29/2017
Message: Ross saved me from buying a house with many hidden problems. Thank you Ross. He did a great job for me and I will use him again as soon as I find another house.

Name: Millie Anderson
Date: 01/27/2017
Message: I just had a home inspection done by Ross. My realtor told me he had not seen such a good inspection and for such a price. He thought Ross was great and so did I. I would recommend Ross for any service he could do for you.

Name: Andy and Clarissa Banks
Date: 01/18/2017
Message: We were so happy we hired Ross to do our home inspection. He was great and his fees are so good for all the work he did. Thanks Ross

Name: Maggie and Bob Olson
Date: 01/18/2017
Message: We had Ross do our home inspection and we are so happy he did. He spent so much time and explained everything to us. He emailed the report that night and we got a very nice booklet report in the mail. We give him an A+ in service and affordability. Thanks Ross.

Name: Jeffrey Right
Date: 10/05/2016
Message: I had Ross do an inspection for me and was very happy I hired Ross. He is very good, took a long time looking at everything. Answered any question I had with a lot of patience. Great job Ross.

Name: Mildred Olson
Date: 08/31/2016
Message: Ross just did a home inspection for me and what a great guy! He was so professional and did not miss any detail. I had no idea how detailed the inspection would be. The report was great, the booklet so nice it's on my coffee table. I would certainly recommend Ross.

Name: Sharon Dewight
Date: 01/29/2016
Message: I had Ross do my home inspection and I could not be more pleased. Then I recieved the report booklet which was professional and very amazing how good it was. He was so nice and explained everything to me. He did a 48 hour radon test which he had to drive to the house twice. For the money this is a good deal. Thank you Ross for everything.

Name: Marjorie and Ben Watson
Date: 08/25/2015
Message: We had Ross do our home inspection and we are so happy he did. He spent so much time and looked at everything. We have had inspections before but nothing this detailed. He work is well worth the money. We hired him because he was Certified in ASHI and was insured. Now we know the difference in the quality of his work and the report booklet we got. We would recommend Ross and feel sorry for those who did not pick him.